Mojo Stratus™

Mojo Stratus™

What are the 5 most important criteria for Magento® hosting?

Magento® - Power


Magento® - Reliability


Magento® - security


Magento® - Scalability


Magento® - Price


Introducing Mojo Stratus™

Power to run any Magento® store of any size. Simple pricing.

Run Magento® Faster.

Magento® can be a beast. We know that better than most. That’s why we built a system designed to give your customers the smoothest shopping experience. Pages “pop” and back-end processes take almost no time at all.

Up and running 100% of the time.

Okay, if a meteor strikes the earth, we might have some downtime. We stand behind our 100% uptime guarantee. Anything less and we pay you!

Our Security gives you peace of mind.

As, Magento® experts we know how to keep your store safe against intrusions and hacks. With Amazon as our cloud provider, we also have the world’s most dedicated force on your side. PCI compliance? That’s covered as well.

Never worry about holiday or flash sales again.

With dedicated servers, planning for Black Friday or the release of a hot product, guessing about resources is never fun — or accurate. With our autoscaling architecture you can spend more time planning for shipping all those purchases. Leave the traffic to us!

Toss out fixed pricing. Pay only for what you use.

Mojo Stratus™ is probably the simplest pricing you’ll ever see for a hosting provider. No gotchas, no extra costs. You won’t need your own AWS account, either. You pay for the number of sessions and conversions your site produces. No other hidden fees or long term contracts attached.

Our RapidResponse™ Support Won’t Leave You Hanging

If you were designing support for Magento®-centric hosting, you’d probably go out and hire Magento® experts (even ex-Magento® developers). You’d make sure customers could reach them 24x7x365 and you’d mandate that every support request be responded to within 15 minutes. Not hours or days. You’d make sure they’re friendly and bend over backwards to help.

Guess what? We beat you to it. That’s exactly what our support is like. It’s responsive and it’s rapid. RapidResponse™. Get it?

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The Most Advanced Magento® Cloud Architecture

Whether you’re a store owner or a developer, you will appreciate the unique engineering of Mojo Stratus™.

Amazon Autoscaling

Amazon Autoscaling

No one does autoscaling better than Amazon. We make it better for Magento®. Instead of auto-scaling everything, we just autoscale the pieces that need it. It’s so cool. And fast. How autoscaling works.

Premium Cloudfront

Premium Cloudfront CDN

Static assets (images, CSS, Javascript) don’t need to slow down your Magento® server. Without lifting a finger, our system automatically serves assets from the Cloudfront CDN. Oh, yeah. It’s free, too What is a CDN?

Rock Solid Security

Rock-solid Security

Our Layer 4-7 DDoS system offers incredible protection against attacks. On top of that, we have engineered one of the most powerful Web Application Firewalls around. We love slapping down hackers..

PCI Compliance

PCI Compliance

Credit card theft by online hackers is all too common. They exploit holes, inject code — pretty nasty stuff. Our experts lock down Magento® and our systems so that you can meet PCI compliance requirements. Customers can shop in confidence. We also provide free SSL certificates for new stores.

Best of class Services

Best-of-class Services

Folks in our business will debate what server software is best. But as Magento®-specific hosting experts, we know what works. Our optimized stack includes CentOS, Nginx, PHP-FPM, Redis, Varnish, ElasticCache, Docker and Saltstack. May not mean much to you, but ask your developer. They'll know we mean serious business. Read the details of our architecture. Read the details of our architecture.

Amazon Aurora

Amazon Aurora Database

Forget using MySQL. Aurora is up to 5X faster. And has the added security, availability and reliability of a commercial database. A fully monitored and managed system, Aurora is one more way we make Magento® perform at extraordinary speed. More about Aurora.

System Management

24x7 System Management

Powerful systems require powerful tools. We built our own. We monitor uptime and system health 24/7. We know what’s happening before you do, and, when necessary, we take corrective actions to keep your customers happily buying your products.


Developer-friendly CLI and Control Panel

We love developers. Especially those that care about their clients. In return, we provide a proprietary control panel to manage users, databases, FTP, domains, SSL certificates and more. You can also run Magento® 2 CLI commands right from the panel, no SSH needed.

Pricing Made Simple

No more “growing into” a set hosting plan. Finally, you can remove the guesswork and only pay as you grow.

Base Monthly Fee Additional Visitor Sessions Additional Hard Drive Capacity
$58 Includes 20GB of hard drive capacity and 2,000 Visitor Sessions $0.005/session $0.50/GB/month
(Includes 2000 GA Sessions and 20GB)

Example Price Cases

Actual price calculations based on current MageMojo™ client metrics from June, 2017.

Base Monthly Fee


  • 25,000 Visitor Sessions
  • 1.5% Conversion Rate
  • 375 Checkouts
  • 20 GB HD
Cost/Order: $0.46

Medium Merchant


  • 125,000 Visitor Sessions
  • 2.6% Conversion Rate
  • 3,250 Checkouts
  • 100 GB HD
Cost/Order: $0.22

Large Merchant


  • 450,000 Visitor Sessions
  • 3.2% Conversion Rate
  • 14,400 Checkouts
  • 250 GB HD
Cost/Order: $0.17

For less than $0.50/order, you can enjoy enterprise-level hosting regardless of your size.

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# of sessions and HD storage

EC2 instance level, minutes of use and HD storage

Plan level, plus lots of extra charges

Plan level by the hour of use.

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